Club Rules

The following club rules have been approved by the FERSC Board of Directors (“the Board”) to promote membership and guest safety, facility sanitation, and a healthy atmosphere at Foxcroft East Racquet and Swim Club (“the club”).  The Pool Manager and the Board may interpret and modify these rules as appropriate in order to ensure the above standards are met.  Please enjoy the use of the facilities at FERSC – Be Safe!!


Only FERSC Club members and persons living in their home are eligible to use the pool and club facilities.  Adult children of a member living outside the home are only eligible to use the pool as guests. However, members are allowed to bring their grandchildren without paying a guest fee. They should register them at the front desk or list them on their application/renewal form.


Guests may accompany members to the pool and make use of the facilities for a fee of $3.50 per person per day (extra processing fees may apply). Guests may accompany members for play on one tennis court without charge. The FERSC member is responsible for ensuring guests abide by club rules and must remain on premises with their guests. Guests living in Mecklenburg County are limited to one visit per week and ten visits per summer. Maximum number of guests per visit is 6. Guests are not permitted on holidays – Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.


Members and their guests should wear appropriate attire when using the tennis courts.  Please limit your playtime to a reasonable length when others are waiting for courts.


  • Running, rough or boisterous conduct will not be tolerated. Persons violating this rule can be removed from the pool at the discretion of any lifeguard or staff member.
  • Members and guests are not to engage in conversations with the lifeguards while they are on duty on the pool deck or in a lifeguard chair.
  • No pets are allowed inside the pool gates.
  • No abusive or objectionable language will be permitted on club property.
  • Food may be consumed in the pavilion or in the immediate vicinity of tables on the pool deck.  Food is not allowed within 5 feet of the pool or in the pool. Please be courteous and clean up after yourself and your family.
  • No smoking or tobacco products (e-cigarettes, vaping, cigars, etc) on club property
  • No glass or ceramic containers of any kind are allowed inside the pool gates.  This includes dinnerware and serving dishes as well as bottles.  Glassware of any kind may be confiscated by the pool staff with no remuneration.
    • Any family who willfully violates this policy is subject to temporary membership suspension.
  • Alcoholic beverages (no glass containers) can be consumed on club property by persons over the age of 21 at any time except during youth events where league by-laws prevent the use of alcohol. Anyone abusing these rules will be asked to leave the premise and\or the police will be called.
  • The cost of any property damage due to negligence or vandalism will be charged to the responsible member.
  • Do not wash anything other than your hands in the bathroom sinks.
  • Unless reserved for a party, the shelter, refrigerator, microwave and grills can be used by all members and must be cleaned up after use by the parties using them.
  • All parties must be approved.


  • Non-swimmer children are not permitted to be in the swimming pool unless accompanied by a responsible teenager or adult who shall keep constant watch on the non-swimmer. A “swimmer” is a child who is either 7 years old or who can demonstrate to the Pool Staff they can swim across the deep end without stopping and can tread water for 1 minute.
  • Swimmies, life jackets and other safely attached flotation devices are allowed. Children using floatation devices must be accompanied by a responsible teenager or adult.
  • The allowable drop off age for children without adult supervision is 13. A 13-year-old may NOT serve as the adult supervision for a younger sibling.
  • Admission may be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, or wearing bandages.
  • Children who are not reliably toilet trained must wear rubber pants on the outside of their swim diaper at all times while in the pool.  “Little Swimmers” do not qualify as rubber pants. Any family who willfully violates this policy and has a fecal contamination in the pool is subject to temporary membership suspension.
  • All bathers should shower before entering the pool. Parents should remind their children to use the lavatory before entering the pool.
  • Use of soft toys is permitted when used safely. Diving toys (rings or sticks) can be used with caution.  Parents or responsible parties are reminded to monitor their children while they are playing with toys that squirt water.  Any toy being used in a manner that disrupts other patrons can be removed from the pool and/or confiscated at the discretion of a lifeguard.
  • Pool floats are allowed. Large floats are subject to removal by a lifeguard or staff member at any time to ensure a safe swimming environment. Large floats will be removed when the pool is busy. Inflatables are not allowed in the diving well unless approval is given by a lifeguard. Noodles are allowed.
  • The swim team starting blocks may only be used for swim practices, swim meets, or swim lessons.


Use of the wading pool shall be limited to children 5 years of age or under or less than 48″ tall, when accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager. The gate shall remain closed at all times.


  • Use is restricted to swimmers skilled enough to jump safely and swim unassisted to the ladder.  Adults or caretakers are prohibited from dropping non-swimmers into the pool from the end of the diving board.
  • Children are not allowed to wear swimming aids (floaties , water wings, etc) off of the diving board.
  • Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. The next person must wait until the previous diver reaches the ladder on their side of the pool before entering the water.
  • No one is allowed more than one bounce per dive off the diving board, except for diving competitions, exhibits or under the direct supervision of a FERSC diving instructor. Divers must dive “straight” out from the board and not towards the sides of the pool.


  • Only one person is allowed on the slide tower at a time. The next person on the slide must wait until the previous person has reached the pool ladder before entering the tube.
  • The only position allowed in using the tube slide is sitting feet forward. Stopping in the tube is extremely dangerous and strictly prohibited. Sliders breaking this rule will be asked to leave the pool until the issue has been properly addressed with a lifeguard and adult.
  • Swimmers must be able to use the slide without assistance, climb the ladder, enter the tube and swim to the pool ladder. There are no exceptions.
  • No swim aids, toys, or balls are allowed in the tube slide.


  • Members shall drive slowly in the driveway and parking area. All bicycles are to be parked at the bike rack.
  • Skateboarding shall be restricted to the club parking lot area ONLY.
  • Please ensure that you take your valuables with you when you are on premises. FERSC is not responsible for items left in automobiles.


During inclement weather, the pool may be closed at the discretion of the Pool Manager on duty.  At that time everyone will be asked to leave the grounds or return to their cars until the inclement weather has passed. The Pool Manager will be the only one to make the call to return.

The Pool Manager, Lifeguards, and Board Members are empowered to enforce these rules. If a member or guest does not comply, then their membership will be in jeopardy of suspension or termination at the Board’s discretion.