TUESDAYS (men and women) June 11th – Aug 20th
6:00-7:30pm  All levels welcome, levels will be separated as best as possible. “105” is a nonstop game, 4-8 players on court, playing until one side scores 105 points. The pro feeds to the winning side and keeps score for the entire game. Each game lasts about 15-20 minutes. Music will be playing the whole time –
Cost member: $20
Cost nonmember: $25

6:30-7:30pm Men’s Clinic
7:30-8:30pm Ladies Clinic (all levels)
Cost member: $16
Cost nonmember: $20

FRIDAYS June 12th – August 23
8:00-9:00am Ladies “105” (see description above on Sunday)
Cost member: $16
Cost nonmember: $20

SUNDAYS June 16th – August 25th
self made “105”
find your group of 4-8 players and we’ll get a pro to feed!
Please email Tara at fersctennispro@gmail.com